2024 The King of DG Miner | A Breakthrough in LTC + Doge ASIC Mining Power
2024 The King of DG Miner | A Breakthrough in LTC + Doge ASIC Mining Power

2024 The King of DG Miner | A Breakthrough in LTC + Doge ASIC Mining Power

2024 The King of DG Miner | A Breakthrough in LTC + Doge ASIC Mining Power


03/12/24 - Alan Gallo

As cryptocurrencies continue to secure their position in the financial ecosystem, certain digital currencies like Litecoin (LTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE) have shown remarkable growth and resilience. The introduction of the Elphapex DG1 by JSBIT aligns perfectly with the ascending trajectory of these assets, offering miners the advanced tool needed to capitalize on their potential.

Litecoin (LTC): Pioneering Payments and Beyond

Litecoin, often heralded as the silver to Bitcoin's gold, has proven its mettle as a reliable and efficient payment method. Its commitment to faster transaction times and a strong focus on scalability positions it as a cryptocurrency that is not just sustaining its growth but is poised to expand its adoption significantly. With the halving event expected to occur in 2023, the anticipation of increased value is tangible within the LTC mining community.

Dogecoin (DOGE): From Meme to Mainstream

Dogecoin's evolution from an internet meme to a cryptocurrency with a market capitalization that has soared into the billions is nothing short of spectacular. Endorsements from high-profile personalities and a dedicated community have fueled DOGE's CO in popularity. This fun $_ friendly digital currency have shown that it can provide serious value, reflecting aughter of growth that has the potential to continue.

Unveiling the Elphapex DG1, where efficiency and power dictate success, JSBIT is proud to add the Elphapex DG1. This latest addition to our premium mining hardware collection is engineered to redefine the benchmarks of power and performance. With cutting-edge technology and unparalleled efficiency, the DG1 emerges as an essential asset for serious miners aiming to excel in the digital currency landscape.

The Powerhouse of Mining: Elphapex DG1's Technological Marvel

The DG1 is an embodiment of meticulous engineering, harnessing the robust Scrypt algorithm to mine LTC and DOGE with unmatched precision. The standout feature, a striking hashrate of 11.8 GH/s, pushes the boundaries of mining capability. And with a variation margin of just ±3%, it offers remarkable consistency in operation.

Maximized Efficiency, Minimized Cost

Understanding the importance of operational cost in mining, Elphapex has designed the DG1 with a power consumption of 3640 Watts at standard conditions of 25°C. Its exceptional power efficiency rating at 0.31 J/GH positions it as a leader in energy-efficient mining hardware. This strategic design ensures that high-performance mining doesn’t become a drain on resources, optimizing long-term profitability.

Seamless Integration and Operation

The compact form factor of the DG1 belies its potent capabilities. With dimensions crafted for easy installation and setup, it integrates effortlessly into existing mining operations. A voltage range accommodating 200-240V, coupled with a frequency range of 47~63Hz, ensures the DG1’s compatibility with diverse electrical setups, while the 20 Amp current requirement underscores its user-friendly nature.

Specifications That Speak Volumes

Every aspect of the DG1's build is a testament to the thoughtful engineering that Elphapex is renowned for. With a weight that balances durability with ease of handling, this miner is both a resilient and adaptable piece of machinery. Its design doesn't just impress aesthetically; it delivers on the promise of top-tier mining performance.

Elphapex DG1 Specifications:


DG 1

Algorithm | Cryplocurrency

Scrypt | LTC+DOGE

Hashrate, GHs

11.8 ±3%

Power on wall @25°C, Watt

3640 +10%6

Power etnciency on wall @25*C JTH

0.31 +10%

Power supply AC input woltage, Valt(1-1)


Power supply AC Input Frequency Range.Hz


Power supply AC input current, Amp(1-2)


Networking connection mode

RJ45 Ethernet 10100M

Miner Size (Length”Width”Height. wio package). mm

369.3*196*287mm [No Package]

Miner Size (Lengtn”Width”Heignt, with package). mm

480″289*387mm [with package]

Net weight

16.1 kg

Gross weight

17.4 kg

An Uncompromising Mining Experience

The DG1 offers a user experience that marries intuitive operation with robust performance. Its RJ45 Ethernet connectivity allows for straightforward network integration, making the mining process as smooth as it is profitable. Elphapex understands that in mining, time is currency, and the DG1 is built to ensure every second counts.dg1
Choosing the DG1 is not just purchasing a miner; it's investing in a future-proof tool that will keep pace with the rapidly evolving demands of cryptocurrency mining. It’s about securing a position at the forefront of the mining sector with a device that's engineered to last.

Join the Mining Revolution with JSBIT

At JSBIT, we are not just suppliers; we are innovators and partners in your mining journey. Our commitment goes beyond providing cutting-edge hardware; we offer support and insight that elevate your mining strategy. The Elphapex DG1 is more than a product; it's a key to unlocking the full potential of your mining ambitions.

For those poised to take their mining operations to the next level, the DG1 is ready to rise to the challenge. Contact us at sales@jsbit.com or join our vibrant Telegram community for details on pricing, availability, and more. Stay at the vanguard of the mining industry with JSBIT and the Elphapex DG1 – where high efficiency meets high returns.

Post time: Mar-12-2024